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H-4 Halogen Xenon Blue Bulb (12 Volt)

H-4 Halogen Xenon Blue Bulb (12 Volt). A1369

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H-4 Halogen Xenon boosted premium blue bulb, 12 volt 60/55 watts dual filament with P43T base. Designed to out-perform the standard H-4 bulb by producing a whiteness of light closer to true daylight. The special blue coating provides a trace of blue light at the headlamps' periphery for a totally custom look. This new product fully conforms to all DOT regulations as well as ECE (European) R37 regulations. By coming closer to a daylight color, these new bulbs allow the brain to actually process more of the information the eye receives from the road. Fits all headlamps that use a replaceable H-4 bulb with a P43T base.