Kreem Fuel Tank Liner (1 Pint)

Kreem Fuel Tank Liner (1 Pint). K11293

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Kreem produces a tank within a tank. It is supplied as a liquid, but quickly cures to a tough, white elastomer compound. In a new or old fuel tank, a Kreem lining will seal and protect the tank, prevent rust and corrosion, stop leaks from pinholes and hairline cracks, and protect fuel from contamination. This newly advanced Kreem formula offers better adhesion, faster set-up and a smoother finish. It resists leaded and unleaded gasoline, gasohol, octane boosters and fuel additives at recommended concentrations. Do-it-yourself application is straightforward. 1. Tank is empited and cleaned, 2. valves and petcocks are removed and openings plugged. Kreem liquid is added and the tank is rotated to coat all inner surfaces.