Metzeler Racetec Series Tire 180/55ZR17 - Rear *FREE SHIPPING*

Metzeler Racetec Series Tire 180/55ZR17 - Rear

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Metzeler Racetec Series Tire
  • Size 180/55ZR17 - Rear".
  • 73W Load/Speed index.
  • Tubeless.
  • K1 type (supersoft)
  • With Interact Technology, the latest patented technology solution for pure race & fun.
  • Modular steel string winding tension for a modular behavior from crown to shoulder, maximizing footprint area at different lean angles without discontinuity.
  • New compact tread design to reduce tearing and control progressively the distribution of land/seat ratio for linear ride at every lean angle.
  • Features a range of compounds precisely tuned for specific weather and surface conditions.