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Pro Clutch Kit (1936-1984 Chain Drive Clutch Baskets)

Pro Clutch Kit (1936-1984 Chain Drive Clutch Baskets). G71312

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Fits all 1936-1984 chain drive clutch baskets. This product will prove to be exactly what riders of pre-Evolution H-D motorcycles have need to enhance the early clutch. The Pro Clutch kit converts all chain drive or belt drive clutch baskets to smooth, easy-on-the-hand diaphragm spring operation. If you own a Big Twin with either a chain drive primary, or an after market belt drive that uses the stock or OEM style clutch basket, you will be able to quickly and easily install the  Pro-Clutch kit. The advantages of using a diaphragm clutch spring include transition from dead-stopped to forward motion will be smooth, positive, and easy to control. Kit contains an adapter (with bearing), a clutch hub, friction plates, steel plates, stainless steel pressure plate, diaphragm spring, spring retainer, 4 shoulder nuts, and a clutch hub nut with seal. Explicit instructions are included to help you install your Pro Clutch.